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From: Zeeshan Ali
Subject: Re: PHP to GUILE
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 22:34:56 +0300

Hello again,

> >  Your conclusion is based on your ignorance.
> >
> Possible. Care to enlighten men ?

   I already did but you seem to be too eager to prove your point.

> Ok. And then why your plugin-system never loaded this main module instead ?

    Because i'ts the opposite, the maim module actually loads the
plugin-system module. Please read the source, which is only one C

> Ok. No problem. If this "is NOT an xchat plugin" but simple guile
> module then it usable without xchat, right ?

    I didn't say that it's not related to xchat or the xchat-plugin
that needs this module.

> This means (use-modules
> (xchat-guile plugin-system)) works, right ? Oops. It does not.
> Conclusion: it's NOT guile module but part of xchat module.

   You seem to be very eager to derive conclusions. Your problem seems
to be that you are making it an either/or situation (i-e either it's a
'pure' and 'independent' guile module or it's a pure and independent
xchat plugin), which is not the case here.

> It's
> written in scheme but it does not make it guile module. Just like the
> fact that your is written in C does not make it C library.

   In my last email i explicitly declared the main-module to be writen
in C, so i am obviously not assuming anything like that.

> > Since it's a guile module, IMHO it doesn't belong in directory for xchat 
> > plugins.
> >
> But it's NOT guile module - my simple test proved it. That's the problem.

    And i proved your test to be based on ignorance, perhaps you are
better off coding in PHP. :) Anyway, thats my last email, if you dont
get it this time either, stop calling my hard-work 'a mess'.


Zeeshan Ali

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