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From: Vorfeed Canal
Subject: Re: PHP to GUILE
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 21:47:26 +0400

On 9/27/05, Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> wrote:
> compiling scheme to native is part of the original vision.  i don't know
> what "scheduled" means, but i know that i'm personally interested in it
> and that it is not out of my reach technically.  on the other hand, i'm
> never sure about other people.
Scheduled == we have this person who'll do coding after he'll do this or that.

>    It violates KISS and IMHO this is bigger problem."Keep solution as
>    simple as possible, but not simpler".
> that is a nice way to think about things in the abstract.  i suppose if
> the system exists and it works in practice, that is another nice way to
> look at it.
Ok, I still think this message-catalogs idea is needlessly complex,
but we can agree to disagree on that issue.

> i don't really know what "first" you are referring to here, but the code
> is similar to the QUICK-START script from the Guile-SDL distribution dir.
> you can try that out to see how things go.
Cite: "Keep solution as simple as possible, but not simpler" The first
part is first part: "keep you solution as simple as possible". I think
that your solution is too complex for today's needs and not complex
enough to tomorrows. But I'd be happy to have it in official GUILE as
well. I want *any* working solution there. Right now you can ask GUILE
about pkglibdir or libdir and it'll answer :
$ /somewhere/there/bin/guile-config info pkglibdir
$ /somewhere/there/bin/guile-config info libdir
But it does not matter if you'll put your library in $pkglibdir or
$libdir - unless it's "/lib" or "/usr/lib" it'll not be found. This is
not acceptable IMNSHO. *Any* other WORKING solution is better then
non-working one.

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