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Re: Guile Game Library

From: Javier Sancho
Subject: Re: Guile Game Library
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 12:07:38 +0200

David Thompson wrote:
> Maybe I have an unpopular opinion here, but I've done some reading and
> experimenting with Entity systems and I remain unconvinced of their
> usefulness.

In my view, playing with entities gives two ways for doing things in a
game. Game designers work with "objects" that have components that
have properties, i.e., it's possible to create a ship with a position
and a velocity. And game programmers work with data (or functions)
which are passed to a system (function) that returns data (or
functions), so these systems can be treated separately, can be running
in another processor, etc.

But it's my opinion. What problems have you encountered using entity systems?

> Is the source for Gacela available?

But it's the previous version with an object oriented vision and a
little unstable. I am designing a new approach based on entity systems
and I hope I start writing code soon.


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