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gnunet-fs integration

From: ng0
Subject: gnunet-fs integration
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2016 11:12:41 +0000


While I'm still new to guile and guix, one of my main motivations
since I started contributing to guix was an item on the end of
the roadmap, using a decentralized system to distribute updates.

I have started to read through the scripts and underlying parts
of guix, and also our guix/gnunet.git repository where some
work already happened in GsoC 2015.

Because this is very likely short, not very explanatory in
detail, incomprehendable, you can view this email as a short
introduction of the task, longer emails will follow once I
have worked out texts and completed phase 0.

At the moment I assume that the following items and steps are
what's left to get closer to this system:

1. an up to date GNUnet
   a. 0.10.1 of gnunet-fs is not compatible to 0.9,
      gnunet-svn of gnunet-fs is not compatible to 0.10.1

2. GNUnet system service for shepherd
   a. it needs a basic service to start with, ideally we
      provide what gnunet-setup does through an extended
      system-service later on

3. stitching together the guile GNUnet bindings
   with additions to mechanisms which are
   at least guix {publish,pull,package}.

4. taking in consideration the current incompabilities of
   gnunet-fs versions.

5. -optional-
   construct `gnunetfs-download', similiar to git-download
   and others, for origins (of software) which are available
   in gnunet.

I have concrete ideas for solutions, interactions and
users consent and more, but those will end up in an
dedicated document which can be viewed online and/or
appended to an email later.

I will split the work into different phases:

Phase 0:
- learning about system services
- write the shepherd gnunet-service
- finish packaging gnunet-svn pinned to a functional svn position
- learn more guile (continously)
- a first theoretic design

Phase 1:
- learn more about the current guix publish, guix pull,
  guix package functionality
- solve design questions

Phase 2:
- writing a proto-type which can be used in a test setup

Phase 3:
- have a functional test setup which can (guix) publish, pull,
  and package from gnunet-fs in addition to the current

I will publish Phase 1 and later in a checkout of guix
with a branch `guix-gnunet', accessible once they are
created on both of these git urls:
optionally even a .gnu address when I had time to set it
up on the server

The current goal for Phase 3 is summer 2017, but I can't
predict how much time I can invest in the future or how
fast I will progress with learning.

♥Ⓐ  ng0
For non-prism friendly talk find me on / loupsycedyglgamf.onion

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