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Re: emacs irony-mode

From: fis trivial
Subject: Re: emacs irony-mode
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 19:23:21 +0000

Tim Gesthuizen writes:

> Hi,
> I am trying to package irony-mode for emacs and quickly
> noticed that I need more input on how packages like this should
> be seperated or handled.
> Maybe somebody wants to take my approach and integrate the
> package definition(s) into guix or provide some information
> towards how such packages should be integrated.
> You find the script with my package definition attached.
> Mentioning packages with similar problems would also be helpful.
> Best regards,
> Tim Gesthuizen

I'm not helping. But there are other candidates than irony-mode now. For two

    1. You have a way to generate compilation database:

       Use cquery with lsp-mode. cquery is a fully featured c/c++/objective-c
       language server.


       Use rtags.  The server is packaged in Guix. Personal experience tells
       that cquery is better at its job.  But you can be the judge. :)

    2. You can't generate a compilation database:

       Just use company-clang and flycheck, which combined should do everything
       irony could.

If this doesn't convince you to give up irony-mode. Then your packaging looks
good to me.  If there really is room to improve, maybe you can extract the
"source" part out?  Note that I'm not proficient as others here.


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