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[outreachy] Further steps

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: [outreachy] Further steps
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 22:48:30 -0300

Hi all!

I'm really happy that the patch worked :)

Tomorrow -yet Tuesday here, I live in the past :P - I will close the
in progress contribution.

If you don't mind, I have some questions and need some feedback to go on.

- As regards patches, for future ones:

1)Why my patch file (the one I sent) does not work applying it with
git am in my local cloned repo? Do I need to create a new branch or
something like that?
2)Where can I read about how to set an appropriate commit log? (not
running just git log to see how they were generated before)
3) I added an eol with emacs editor, just as you mentioned. Could you
send me your previous output about the error you were getting about
that line break, if you still have it?
4) I guess you already answered this one, but Is it ok to send patches
attached to an email or is it strict to send them with git send-email
when getting much more involved?

In the thread of mails, I have already asked you, but I would like to
know how to continue from now on:

I would like to go on contributing as much as possible up to November
6th (the deadline for applying for Outreachy).
1) Is it fine to go on packaging R packages that are not available
yet, now that I know how to import them, modify them and the whole
2) Do you prefer another tasks to be done?

- I would like to contribute even after November 6th since I like the
project really much and the community made me feel really comfortable,
that's why I kept saying thank you almost all the time.

Maybe after the deadline for applying for Outreachy, I could be
participating - just some ideas that came into my mind:
1) reading all the documentation even more carefully, and learning
even more about guix commands.
2) Getting much more involved with all the suggested tools that you
use - I used vim in the past, for instance, so I'm learning emacs
commands - and  I am  also learning new git commands, such as the ones
that I had to use for the patches - or even install another hypervisor
that is not VirtualBox. I played a little with KVM in the past, for
3) Go on playing with my VM with GuixSD.
4) Write my daily journal in gitlab, in the format you suggested -
that I also have to learn.
5) Start learning about the stack I need to know for user
documentation - yes, I like documenting as much as coding -, since
sometimes I do not know which stack contains only free software.
don't know, there are always many things to go on learning, and I will
not have the pressure by then to have contributions to be done for
Outreachy . And of course this are some ideas, so that's why I am
asking you for suggestions, and what do you think about them.

Best regards!

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