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Re: Outreachy project infrastructure

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: Outreachy project infrastructure
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2018 17:18:54 -0300

Hi again!

I went through past emails and this new ones.

In a previous mail, Bjorn suggested using the wiki - - for my proposed timeline and the decisions about the videos. Is it that possible? WDYT?

Some of you also mentioned the hosting ideas, I added that for the last week of the internship. Should that be a concern now?

As regards the graph, I am still trying to fully understand it. I have the main idea of having like the video documentation- video, audio, subtitles-  separated in different parts, but I will study it closer to see if I get it better.

I would like to recommend this workflow:
Thank you very much for the workflow as well as for the suggested tools. I did not know that slides were created with inkscape :)
I have one question. What about asciinema site for CLI localization? I was reading more in detail and it says that it is a .json file.
Translations themselves don’t have to be created as part of this
project, but the pot files should be uploaded to the, which is what we already do for other Guix
I thought that we had to at least try if  translations worked, maybe for only one video. I suggested that when the prototype for the video in English was accepted by the community, also with the subtitles in English, then by week 5 I could translate it to Spanish to see if everything worked fine. I don't mind if Julien wants to do so in French, maybe it is more useful than Spanish, but I know very little French to check if it works. However, I  see that the workflow includes the translation of the slides. Could we try it for the audio and subtitles too?. BTW, who is going to use their voice for the audios in English? I have no problem, but recall it is not my mother tongue.

I haven’t given much thought to subtitles yet.  We could use the very
simple “srt” format, which is just plain text, but maybe “usf” is
better.  It has support for styling and Unicode, and its format is XML,
which means that we can use the same tools as above to handle
Also thanks to Julien that proposed aegisub. I only knew about the existence of srt format.

from ./talks/icg-2018 from the guix-maintenance.git repository. 
I did not, I have just cloned it. Should I also clone guix-artwork?


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