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Re: guix-video repository, final 2 weeks of Outreachy intern

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: guix-video repository, final 2 weeks of Outreachy intern
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 09:45:31 -0300

Hi Gábor!

> I have also checked with the original project plan, and we are in quite good 
> standing if these are done.
thank you :)
> Topics that are still missing are these:
> Config on foreign distros - this could be quite modular, and like Björn said, 
> it could consist of showing a problem, then the resolution, then that the 
> problem disappeared using screenshots.
Yes, I guess I sent it for discussion.
> Guix system configs, we could show some tricks here, but it would be much 
> better to point to a collection of config samples, but we don't have that 
> yet, so I would delay or skip this.
By this you mean how to configure GuixSD a regards your needs? Or am I
missing sth?
> Guix system installation, as the installer is in flux, and the latest release 
> tarball does not come with it, I would delay this.
> Using the guix vm image: I remember that there are some issues here, for 
> example there is little space. This is not guix specific, so we can skip it, 
> maybe we should give some pointers to documentation on the website instead.
> Wdyt?
I got lost in which the following videos will be about :/ This week I
am planning to finish the help one - it is almost finished, my idea
was to send it yestertday, I apologize. The packaging ones split in
three videos. and let me know wihich ones are needed. Maybe we could
discuss that on Friday, I feel comfortable with having my topics from
one week to the other. And that gives you time to think what is mostly
needed now.

Regards :)

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