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Re: guix-video repository, final 2 weeks of Outreachy intern

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: guix-video repository, final 2 weeks of Outreachy intern
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 23:59:04 -0300


> I had the feeling that some of your answers sound a bit like a
> justification. That was maybe because my tone was a bit too demanding?
No, in fact sth funny is that when we say sound, we are not using our
voice, we are just writing.
You are not demanding, I demand a lot to myself,  maybe my answers
looked like that because sometimes I answer too fast, and I had not
drank mate before ;) And  I know Outreachy's ways of evaluating
interns but I wanted to have tons of very nice videos, with the audio
and you should know how I am by now :P
> I want to say that you did and still do good work with the videos and
> you mastered several obstacles (including me :-))
> and still are like
> Gábor said in time. I just wanted to be sure to get nice productive
> last two weeks and we agree on the "final spurt" :-)
I agreed with your points, and hope to have fully productive videos,
even without sound, by the end of my internship :( - the sad face is
because of the end - then we can discuss in other threads about my
future contributions.


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