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Re: Guix video repository: First video script commited

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: Guix video repository: First video script commited
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2019 00:20:15 +0100

Hello Björn,

Björn Höfling <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont:
2019. febr. 27., Sze, 0:10):
> Hi Laura, Hi Guix,
> the repository is now filled  with the scripts for the first video:
> git clone

Thanks for looking into this. I will have a look tomorrow.

> To try it out, there is a script to enter a Guix container containing
> all packages you need. After that, you can enter the video's directory
> and call "./" to go through all build steps and get the
> final video out:
> $ ./
> Entering a Guix container to work with the videos.
> Available packages in the container: paps make  imagemagick guile ffmpeg 
> inkscape coreutils which less grep findutils git emacs vim
> [env]# cd 01-installation-from-script/
> 01-installation-from-script [env]# ./
> [... building video ... ]
> The video currently contains only the sounds to the slides, not to the
> CLI sessions. All parts will be spoken again by a native speaker.
> Unfortunately, the slides part does not fit on the screen, I couldn't
> figure out why. Laura, your example videos looked normal, right?
> For reference, I uploaded my final .webm output to IPFS:
> QmdGJ1vs9QefS22WjjnSRJNjjEkL4ePfgYa3dHi8p7LshN
> Laura, do you like that directory layout, the way of creating the full
> final video? Do you have any clue why my slides don't fit the screen?
> Would you like to go on with the rest of the videos in that way?
> Don't be afraid of mistakes concerning the repository: Before pushing,
> double-check that everything looks right, try to create the videos
> locally, then push. If anything was wrong or not 100% perfect, that's
> fine and can be corrected with a new commit. If you look closely into
> the main Guix repository, you will also see mistakes. It is more a
> matter of communications and get them corrected in time.

I agree. Mistakes are in all repos where real work gets done :) And they can be
easily corrected.

> Thank you for all the work you have done so far.

Yes, thank you very much.

> Björn

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