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Re: Status update on 1.0

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Re: Status update on 1.0
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 13:44:21 -0400
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Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

>> GNOME Shell has a handful of silly references like “inkscape” and
>> “webkitgtk” that are huge and (I assume) unnecessary.
> Oh indeed.  Inkscape comes from
> 45fef894eb5b39029633cd0cd907e8ce8c5ab379, I’ll look into it.

I’m sure you’ll spot this quickly, but I’ll mention it anyway in case it
saves you a bit of time.

The reference comes in because of the “glib-or-gtk-build-system”.  It
includes Inkscape in “XDG_DATA_DIRS” when it wraps the GNOME Shell

-- Tim

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