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Re: Gender neutral documentation

From: Miguel
Subject: Re: Gender neutral documentation
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 00:42:21 +0000


El July 30, 2019 11:53:26 PM UTC, Wilson Bustos <address@hidden> escribió:
>El July 30, 2019 10:10:21 PM UTC, Wilson Bustos <address@hidden>
>>>Hello everyone!
>>>I would like to help to make guix packages,
>>I'm also reading documentation and watching videos about this.
>>>But I have some questions.
>>>1- Do you have some document which explain what means 'gender
>>>and how that works in different languages such as Spanish?
>> The use of the feminine gender as neutral in the Spanish translation
>intended as explained here:
>Thank you so much! that article resolve really well my question!

You're welcome.

>My other question is:
>Are you the only person who translate in Spanish?

Right now, yes. If you want to help, that'd make it two. :-)

>- If I help you with some parts have I to sent it to you first?

Well, actually is the real platform for the 
translation process, but we could define any workflow as needed, I think. We 
can agree about that privately or on the tp list (address@hidden), if needed.

>I ask this because I'm not sure if I can apply all the logic behind the
>Spanish rules that you apply,

They aren't rules, they're a synthesis of the intent behind my translations. 
I've shown you an actual example of perfect Spanish where the feminine 
(grammatical) gender can be applied to any (social) gender. As I bend a little 
the conventional rules in the default case, I can understand the "neo" as an 
misplaced joke, but I'd stay close to the facts and far from that kind of 
modifiers to keep the conversation on topic.

>- This rules are also to translate the package description? or only for
>main documentation?

As I said, they aren't rules, only the reason why I did that. I think that it's 
up to the community to make a decision, not me. Currently, the community 
decision is to use gender neutral language, but it'd be a nonsense make a 
decision about a language you don't speak, so this interpretation is at the end 
up to each language speakers community.

Any thought about gender neutrality in Spanish, everybody?

Best regards,

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