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Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 20:54:14 +0200
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* P <address@hidden> [2019-10-12 20:38]:

You have been quoting from Andy Wingo blog:

> The great tragedy of RMS's tenure in the supposedly universalist FSF
> and GNU projects is that he behaves in a way that is particularly
> alienating to women.

GNU project is apolitical. RMS never established any discriminatory
policies for GNU project.

> It doesn't take a genius to conclude that if you're personally
> driving away potential collaborators, that's a bad thing for the
> organization, and actively harmful to the organization's goals:
> software freedom is a cause that is explicitly for everyone.

Not like that. My personal life has nothing with GNU project, that is
what you need to understand. Personal issues are personal.

Do you want to say that anybody in GNU project is now to be
supervised, spyed onto, reviewed, screened, for their personal views,
asking women for date, or for their political statuses before being
accepted in GNU project?

Are you nuts?


I cannot see any fact there, I see people talking. Is talking wrong?
Ah yes, it is wrong for Thoughtpolice.

No fact.


"My first interaction with RMS was at a hacker con at 19. He asked my
name, I gave it, whether I went to MIT (I had an MIT shirt on), and
after confirmation I did, asked me on a date. I said no. That was our
entire conversation. Christine, yes, no thanks."

So what?

Is now asking woman for a date wrong? Is it contra-feminist to ask
woman for a date?

She feels proud and important that he asked her, so she tweeted
it. Nothing wrong.

If one would accuse me for asking women for a date, I would get

No fact there, just rumor.


"I remember being walked around campus by an upperclassman getting
advice during my freshman year at MIT. "Look at all the plants in her
office," referring to a professor. "All the women CSAIL professors
keep massive amounts of foliage" s/he said. "Stallman really hates

so if you find something wrong there, I don't even understand what you
are referring to.

No fact there, just rumor.


"I met him at an SF con in Boston. He hit on me in a clueless way. No

as me being non-native English speaker, I don't understand that above,
but I don't see how is the SF conference connected to GNU project.

No fact there, just rumor.


"He flirts with anyone who is female, even if they are underage. He is
creepy in person, in a way that I cannot adequately describe. I have
absolutely no doubt in my mind that he kept women out of open source
and free software, and many of his ideas stayed even after he left."

Sorry, I do not know what is wrong here. That Stallman flirts? What
other crime did he commit?

Why no lynch him right away for flirting?


"He and his followers pushed out a whole generation of female
developers, just at that critical time when open source adoption was

"whole generation of female developers" wow.... not a fact, just
exaggerated opinion.

GNU project has clear policies of non-discrimination against

Don't mistake rumor for facts.

Not a fact. Next.


Stallman's pleasure cards? Hahahhahaha. Man you really are good for
Thoughtpolice Squad.

I have nothing against you or anybody to promote their politics,
please do, just outside of GNU project.

Not a fact against RMS related to feminist issues statement. It is
just yet another fact that Guix is feminist movement abusing GNU
project for politics.

> Can you actually refute their claims?

But I need not refute it, I gave you refutals already. Contrary to
you, I have read all of your references in genuine search for facts.

Richard is guilty of what? Flirting? Pleasure Cards? Hahhahahahahahha.


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