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Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 19:53:04 +0200
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* P <address@hidden> [2019-10-12 19:38]:
> If women should be welcome in tech is a step too far for you, then
> you are too whiny to be useful in tech.

Every women is welcome in free software and any activity in life if
you ask me.

I never stated different and never will.

In fact I do not observe the sex of person when considering anything
in life, that is only important to women' sexual partners and their
physician, maybe their parents.

Human sex is not base for any discrimination. I do not know how you
find me to pick on that.

Finally I am employing people which are man and female, but I did not
check it even once if it is true and it was never important for

> And technology is ALWAYS political. If you think otherwise, you are
> naive to an almost childish level.

Technology as general may be political, I don't care, even the term is
used incorrectly, as for example there is technology for cooking, and
technology for cleaning surfaces... it is broad term and you probably
refer to some narrow term.

GNU and free software philosophy is not made to exclude any women or
any men, in fact it does not relate to any other politics but free
software politics. GNU project is apolitical and shall stay so for a
good reason.

The only politics for GNU is free software politics.

Please do not introduce other politics in GNU.

> Funny how politics in tech are not a problem to you people when it's
> politics you already agree with. But now you have to make a tiny
> sacrifice, improve just a teensy bit as a human being, and suddenly
> you're scared.

I must be mistaken, you probably do not address me. I cannot relate to
what you say.

I am sorry, I do not know what "tech" means as I participate and apply
certain technologies that are not related to programming and
software. I may not have as much time as you to review various other
subjects and I am not participating in those communities. My people
are more ground people, like villagers, mostly people who have no
software related experiences.

You are trying to fit me into some frame of mind, but I do not see
myself there. 

> And if the divide is between people who want free software to be
> inclusive and people who don't want their leaders to be held
> responsible then I welcome that divide.

You are free to support politicized software projects, there are
many. GNU project is apolitical, it is not allowing GNU project to be
abused by any kind of politics. I am sorry, that is not GNU free
software philosophy.

Please read the freedom zero.

Please note that GNU project was never excluding any type of groups of
people to use free software. Please read the freedom zero. It was
never published, never applied to discriminate on anybody.

For as long as GNU project remains apolitical for anything but free
software politics, it will continue creating friendly communities.

Introducing any politics, especially feminism, into GNU project is not
welcome. Not because it is feminism, but because it is not free
software politics, it is other politics that people can promote on
other projects.

Leader is responsible and did not say or claim what is claimed for. So
if you have contrary facts, let me know.


My Thoughts on the Richard Stallman "Scandal" by Jacob

How does Dr. Richard Stallman lead GNU Project?

Dr. Richard Stallman contacts opinion leaders and forwards free software:

He teaches the world on free software:

Dr. Richard Stallman provides policies and planning for GNU project, and he has 
done so successfuly for many years.

When you have reviewed the facts and not just blindly respond back
with your emotional reaction, let me know, as I like exchanging on
true facts, not emotional or political responses.


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