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Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project

From: František Kučera
Subject: Re: Joint statement on the GNU Project
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 22:52:28 +0200
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Dne 12. 10. 19 v 21:24 P napsal(a):
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On Saturday, October 12, 2019 7:04 PM, Wilson Bustos <address@hidden> wrote:

>> Language changes. Get over it.

Actually the spanish language has not changed in that sent.
No one talks in 'political correctness spanish' or in 'feminist spanish'.
So you are not writing spanish itself, just a modified version pushed by political agenda.
All the best =)
And that modified version is better

This is your opinion. But it is totally irrelevant to free software. Is it better to drive on the right side of the road or on the left side? Is better Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis Presley? Do you like cats or dogs? Yes, people have opinions, it is OK. But please, do not disturb the free software cooperation with your efforts to convince others of your „truth“. Developing free software is a great goal in itself.

If you are still not sure what free software is, please ask Richard Stallman who defined this term.


P.S. technical note to all: please do not add my address as an explicit recipient – it is superfluous – just respond to the mailing list and I will get your e-mail.

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