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Re: qtwenengine anybody?

From: Hartmut Goebel
Subject: Re: qtwenengine anybody?
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2020 15:57:45 +0100
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Am 02.01.20 um 21:24 schrieb address@hidden:
> Apologies this is probably a failure in my ML workflow. And just my luck
> I'm in the process of doing some working related moving todoy. Here is a
> complete diff
> hope
> this helps.

Many thanks, this is quite helpful.

For me it looks okay except of two minor points:

- The description should contain at least a brief note about Qt patched
the embedded chromium to (partially) un-google it. If you know details,
this would be great. This of course could be enhanced later, since
changing the description does not force a rebuild of he package.

- Please still honor Ricardo's remark about DRM and phoning home.

Hartmut Goebel

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