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Re: Using the Hetzner Cloud

From: Jonathan Brielmaier
Subject: Re: Using the Hetzner Cloud
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 18:35:21 +0100
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On 17.02.20 17:55, Ellen Papsch wrote:> a few days ago I requested the
Guix installer from Hetzner as well. I
> gave them the ISO URL from Guix website. They mounted it without
> modification, which prevented boot due to the image being compressed. I
> had to supply the uncompressed image, which booted fine.
> The installer was not able to install right away. I could complete all
> the GUI steps. When it came to guix system init, it bailed with the
> message that an initrd-module may be missing. System init (and the
> subsequent boot) worked fine with:
> (initrd-modules (append (list "virtio_pci"
>                               "virtio_scsi")
>                         %base-initrd-modules))

AFAIK it's fixed in Guix master. But 1.0.1 is missing the patch. It's
time for new release :)

> BTW, the VGA console is very limited, you can't select text or send
> special key strokes, e.g. control keys. It suffices for activating SSH
> though :-)

The console is limited but was always good enough for my use cases :)

> Hetzner added the image only for me, which is a hindrance for Guix
> adoption. Another limitation is that I can't create new servers right
> away without going through installation. I can dance around it by
> creating a snapshot of a template server and creating the new server
> from that snapshot, then reconfiguring the system (or doing a deploy, I
> want to try that yet).
> So, doing Guix is a little more inconvenient than a simple, plain
> Debian. I can still recommend it, though you may find Hetzner not
> meeting your demands in general: The cloud offerings have a rather low
> cpu/memory ratio (0.25 cpu/1G RAM) and it's not configurable.

Going through the installer all the time if you have more servers is
annoying. But for smaller setups with one or two servers pretty okay.

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