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Re: 1.1.0rc1 available for test!

From: Alex Sassmannshausen
Subject: Re: 1.1.0rc1 available for test!
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020 15:11:01 +0200
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Great, thank you for that summary, I think that is right.

I've noticed a further (small?) error:

On installation completion an error flashes up.  When I checked
/var/log/debug, the message is:
…localhost shepherd[1]: system-error("rmdir" "~A" ("Directory not empty") (39))

Best wishes,


Mathieu Othacehe <address@hidden> writes:

>> As the system language & locale rather than 
>> - Esperanto
> I can reproduce it in QEMU. So there are two issues here:
> * Esperanto language/layout crashes the installer.
> * When the installer crashes, `umount-cow-store' is not called and the next
> installation is bound to fail because some mounted partitions are still 
> around.
> Maybe we need to call this procedure at installer start, in case the
> previous installation has crashed.
> Thanks for reporting!
> Mathieu

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