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Cuirass: "lint -c archival"?

From: zimoun
Subject: Cuirass: "lint -c archival"?
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 18:58:38 +0200


Does it make sense to add "lint -c archival" when a package is built
by Cuirass?  Or on the Guix Data Services?

The idea behind is then to ask SWH folks to increase the rate limit
for a specific IP (or couple of IPs).  Today, the SWH rate is 10 save
requests per hour, i.e., 240 per day (more or less).  And the new
chart [1] shows that there are ~2000 builds per day.  Ouch! :-)

[1] <>

If it is not possible, then instead does it make sense to add a script
to etc/?  If SWH accepts to increase the rate for a specific machine,
the script (fold-packages+save-origin) could run with some delay and
save all the missing Git references.

Well, I do not know what the GitLab CI in Bordeaux is doing?  About
Guix packages because there are already some things saving requests
automatically, I guess.


All the best,

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