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Release 1.2.1: status

From: zimoun
Subject: Release 1.2.1: status
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 15:28:38 +0100


First, thanks to Chris and folks, powerpc64le-linux will be [1] in the
next release, great! Isn’t it? :-)

Then, ~95% of packages for x86_64 are substituables which is really
great too.  Even, maybe more could be available.  Well, if you want to
help, simply run:

  guix weather --display-missing \
       | grep '/gnu/store/' | cut -d'-' -f2- | sort

and check your favorite packages.  Especially, please report if the
package builds but is not substituable.  If it is broken, fixes are very
welcome! ;-)

What annoys me a bit is some scientific packages are broken, as OpenFoam
or FreeCAD.  Other as mpich-3.3.2, mumps-metis-openmpi-5.2.1,
gmsh-4.6.0, etc. are missing, but for instance Gmsh builds.  Well, It
could be nice if someone could have a look. :-)

Note that fixing these prefix could really help on the coverage.

 - cl-, ecl- and sbcl-
 - emacs- 
 - java-
 - maven-
 - ocaml4.07-
 - perl6-
 - python- (python2- but please consider the removal of these 25 ones:

 - rust- (THE thing to work on)

However, the story is a bit different for other architectures.  For
aarch64-linux, I get ~85% of substitutes.  But I have not looked to see
if these ~15% are broken or simply missing.  For the other ones, I am
still waiting after “guix weather” to complete.

And there is 246 packages available for i586-gnu. \o/

We are still missing a good story to monitor what is archived on
Software Heritage and what is not.  Because for now there is rate limit,
I am not able to automate…  Well, it is a long WIP. :-)

To help and avoid this rate limit, if all of us simply run:

  for pkg in $(guix package -I | cut -f1);
     guix lint -c archival $pkg

for all our profiles, it will ensure at least a coverage for the
packages using git-fetch that we individually care.  Note the option
--manifest for “guix lint” is missing… should happen soon if no one
beats me. :-)

Last, in the last month, I count 20 “new“ grafts and no remove.  That’s
really cool, some packages are fixed.  The downside is these 20 grafted
packages on master:

 --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
 $ ag --scheme '\(replacement' gnu/packages --no-filename --no-break
              (replacement (and=> (package-replacement p)
   (replacement cairo/fixed)
    (replacement c-ares/fixed)
   (replacement cyrus-sasl/fixed)
   (replacement gdk-pixbuf/fixed)
   (replacement glib/fixed)
    (replacement gnutls/fixed)
    (replacement imagemagick/fixed)
    (replacement libcroco/fixed)
   (replacement libtiff/fixed)
    (replacement libx11/fixed)
   (replacement openldap-2.4.57)
   (replacement openssl/fixed)
    (replacement postgresql-13.2)
    (replacement python-2.7/fixed)
    (replacement python-3.8/fixed)
    (replacement python-pygments/fixed)
    (replacement python-urllib3/fixed)
    (replacement unzip/fixed)
    (replacement zstd-1.4.9)
    (replacement zziplib/fixed)
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

and other are waiting (for instance sqlite and others).

The branch wip-next-release is totally ungrafted but I am doubtful it is
buildable.  I mean, it looks like a small core-updates. :-)

BTW, I have started to rebuild on my own all the dependants of ’zstd’
with 1.4.9.  For example, it seems to break MariaDB.

Has the build farm started to build this branch wip-next-release?
Having an ungrafted release really depends on that.  If we do not know
which packages are broken, the Ungraftathon on March 27-28 will not be
so much useful.  IMHO.

On a side note, having 20 grafts for a release is not a big deal, v1.2.0
contains these 16 grafts:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
             (replacement (and=> (package-replacement p)
   (replacement curl-7.71.0)
    (replacement dbus/fixed)
   (replacement fontconfig/font-dejavu)
   (replacement freetype/fixed)
   (replacement glib-with-gio-patch)
    (replacement gnutls-3.6.14)
    (replacement json-c/fixed)
    (replacement libjpeg-turbo/fixed)
    (replacement libsndfile-1.0.30)
    (replacement libspiro-20200505)
    (replacement libx11/fixed)
    (replacement mesa-20.0.8)
    (replacement nghttp2-1.41)
   (replacement openldap-2.4.50)
   (replacement openssl-1.1.1g)
    (replacement xorg-server/fixed)
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

1: <">>


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