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Re: Finding the store path of a package

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Finding the store path of a package
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 14:46:07 +0100
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Konrad Hinsen <> skribis:

>>> does “guix build <package> -n” fit your use-case?
>> Checking... yes! I hadn't even considered using "build" when building is
>> exactly what I do not want to happen. But yes, it works just fine.
> Not quite:
> $ guix build -n zziplib
> substitute: 
> /gnu/store/pwcp239kjf7lnj5i4lkdzcfcxwcfyk72-bash-minimal-5.0.16/bin/bash: 
> warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.utf8)
> 24,6 MB would be downloaded:
>    /gnu/store/9h9153akbd6g2520mcl2d0vgbvyfi5qm-openssl-1.1.1i
>    /gnu/store/fa6wj5bxkj5ll1d7292a70knmyl7a0cr-glibc-2.31
>    /gnu/store/s3dcqzwqaakv1yx37by9chksdbkgih17-glibc-2.31-static
>    /gnu/store/fbn395nfpbp4d4fr6jsbmwcx6n10kg16-python-minimal-3.8.2
>    /gnu/store/7hizrpdsqf6q3pjgzmi51r5vbzlijkw0-python-minimal-wrapper-3.8.2
> My first impression is that "guix build -n" shows the store path of the
> package only if all dependencies are in the store. Otherwise, it shows
> the dependencies.

Yes.  In the presence of grafts, run “guix build PKG”.  That always
gives you the store file name of PKG, 100% reliable!

I regularly do things like:

  ls $(guix build PKG)/bin
  find $(guix build PKG) -name …

But note that ‘guix build’ returns one file name per output, so in case
of multiple-output packages, you have to pipe its output through ‘head’,
‘grep’, or similar.

If you want a variant that does that without building/downloading it,
it’s also possible, though not as easily from the command line.


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