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Re: [core-updates] texlive 2021 bootstrap problem

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: [core-updates] texlive 2021 bootstrap problem
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 23:34:23 -0400
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Hello Thiago,

Thiago Jung Bauermann <> writes:


> I decided to ask on the TeX Live mailing list about the bootstrap problem¹ 
> (not sure why this didn’t occur to me earlier). It turns out it’s not a 
> real circular dependency, it just appears so because of Guix packaging.
> It’s possible to build texlive-latex-l3kernel with IniTeX (i.e., by calling 
> `pdftex -ini` or `tex -ini`) and docstrip, without any format loaded.

It was worth it to ask :-).

> So I made some changes to texlive-build-system to that, and it worked. By 
> which I mean: the texlive-latex-l3kernel package builds, and the texlive-
> latex-base build is attempted and fails in the same way as it was failing
> when I sent the last email, when generating latex formats. I think I’m 
> missing some file(s) with definitions for LaTeX macros, but I don’t know yet.
> I pushed a new branch “bug-48064-texlive-2021-l3kernel-initex” to my GitLab 
> repo at with two patches implementing 
> the new approach.

I had a cursory look at the commits; they look good to me!  And the
commit messages are very useful in understanding the hows and whys.
Make sure to send them to after you are satisfied
with the result!

Happy hacking,


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