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Re: Problem with emacs-libgit

From: Katherine Cox-Buday
Subject: Re: Problem with emacs-libgit
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 07:02:49 -0500
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Michael Rohleder writes:

> This looks like

I tried to update emacs yesterday and ran into this issue, and a few
other issues with emacs packages as well. I was surprised that we merged
an update to emacs when some packages (well used ones at that) were
failing to build.

I realize emacs has a large tree of packages depending on it, but I've
always been taught to check to ensure everything remains building. This
makes sense to me because I thought one of the reasons a distribution
exists is to handle the integration of everything for its users. This
seems like it breaks that ethos.

Can anyone point me to some documentation or explain how these decisions
are made? All I could find was this:

  For important changes, check that dependent packages (if applicable)
  are not affected by the change

Thank you to all the contributors.


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