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Re: emacs-jedi package bug missing crucial python server file

From: Munyoki Kilyungi
Subject: Re: emacs-jedi package bug missing crucial python server file
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 14:42:34 +0300

jgart <> writes:

> On Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:14:10 +0300 Munyoki Kilyungi <> 
> wrote:
>> but do you have all your Emacs configs in Guix?  
> I get my emacs plugin dependencies with guix but I write my config in elisp:

Thanks for this!

> Not sure how I feel yet about quoting elisp code in guile code. On first
> thought it seems like a nice party trick but not as nice to work with
> in the day to day when you just need to get the elisp code to work and
> to extend emacs. If I could write guile directly to confgure emacs that
> would be simpler, I think. Also, one less level of abstracting if you
> need to debug the elisp code quoted in your guile code but maybe there
> is a way around that?...
> The above emacs config is bound to change. It's just what I'm using on this
> particular thinkpad that I'm writing this email from at the moment. Mind
> the funny spacing of the code. That said, I'm hoping to keep my .emacs
> to a minimum number of lines for now. Just exploring that for now and
> really milking `execute-extended-command` for all it's worth, which I
> have bound to space d, btw.
> Emacs packages to note in the above config:
> ```
> $ guix install emacs-corfu-terminal emacs-corfu-doc-terminal
> ```
> I'm mostly using emacs-no-x (terminal only).
> I'm not using guix-home yet. It fails to build my config on void linux
> with some arcane error I haven't had the time to properly debug yet/get
> help with ;)

Hmmm... I think this is something I'll eventually
do, i.e move to guix-home for all my dot files.
It has a nice premise of immutability; and I
reckon I could safely migrate away from

>> Also, how does your python set-up look like in Guix/Emacs?
> I mostly have been using eglot without any configuration. I just run
> M-x eglot and use it with python-lsp-server or jedi-language-server.

Is there a way to configure it to use a specific
guix-python-path?  A possible use-case for me
would be to have different python-paths for
different projects that use different
guix-profiles.  I don't want to pollute my global
space with python packages ;)

> I haven't explored the emacs-jedi package much that I sent an update for in
> this thread ;) It's on my TODO list.


> If you want to read my favourite guix-home managed config out in the wild
> that I've found, I highly recommend unmatched-parens' config:

Thanks!  I'll have a look at this later.

> I appreciate the minimalism and simplicity of the way paren has set up
> their dots with guix-home. It's very clear how to copy it and take it
> for your own purposes.


Munyoki Kilyungi
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