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[bug#57133] [PATCH] gnu: Add rizin.

From: Jean Pierre De Jesus DIAZ
Subject: [bug#57133] [PATCH] gnu: Add rizin.
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 12:44:00 +0000


>+          (add-after 'unpack 'prepare-testbins
>+            (lambda _
>+              (copy-recursively
>+               #$(origin
>+                   (method git-fetch)
>+                   (uri (git-reference
>+                         (url "";)
>+                         (commit "7d0c31ac7711de9c4d37f5047200dc5a407ff713")))
>+                   (sha256
>+                    (base32
>+                     "00cmc7pws9m4hcm0bpdjm6n4agl5mqgczc4ccswfhywyzzvr7sqh")))
>+               "test/bins")))

Could this instead be replaced with a package? The repository also says that
the binaries could be regenerated and it's worth a look looking into if it
can be done so the built binaries can be removed (through snippets for example)
and re-compiled from sources, of course, those that can be re-generated should
be left as is. If the binaries can't be regenerated feel free to ignore this
comment :).

Jean-Pierre De Jesus DIAZ

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