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Re: [Health] Name vs Last Name in Tryton vs GNU Health

From: Cédric Krier
Subject: Re: [Health] Name vs Last Name in Tryton vs GNU Health
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 20:49:47 +0100
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On 21/01/12 00:02 +0430, Christoph H. Larsen wrote:
> Dear Crowd,
> I continue to be a bit confused by the "Name" and "Last Name fields in
> Tryton, and their use in GNU Health.
> In Tryton itself, I got the impression that "Name" should be the FULL
> name of the respective party, e.g. "John Cage". The "Last Name" field
> was an addendum to clearly determine, which name component is the
> surname (here: "Cage"), and is subsequently used by Tryton's reporting
> utilities.
> If, still in Tryton, I enter only the first name ("John") into the
> "Name" field, and "Cage" into the "Last Name" field, I get only "John"
> in the Party listing and letters/reports - which is hardly desirable.
> So, while this:
> Name: John Cage | Last name: Cage
> works in Tryton, with a listing as "John Cage", and letters addressed to it,
> the same yields a patient name of "Cage, John Cage". Ouch!
> Given the multitude of different countries GNU Health is (going to be)
> used in, Tryton's philosophy of stating the full name, and then again
> the surname (or name used for politely addressing the respective party)
> makes sense. Example:
> "Minh Anh Quan Trung" in Vietnam is the full name of a person, but the
> surname is Minh (East Asian naming order). To make life more
> complicated, in many countries surnames are kind of ignored, and I am
> just "Dr. Chris" - nice touch, though ;-).
> So, as a minimum we need Tryton and GNU Health use the above fields in
> the same manner. Or am I missing something?

In Tryton, there is no surname but just only name, it is GnuHealt
modules that add it.
We (Tryton) think that a split into name and surname doesn't fit all the
usages in the world, so we just have a simple field.
This is a good reading about the name issues

Cédric Krier

Rue de Rotterdam, 4
4000 Liège
Tel: +32 472 54 46 59
Email/Jabber: address@hidden

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