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Re: [Health] Access Right to Patients Tabs

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] Access Right to Patients Tabs
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 15:14:18 -0300

Dear Chris

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 2:43 AM, Christoph H. Larsen <address@hidden> wrote:
Dear All,

In our setting, patient registration is handled by non-medical
staff (I know, it should be different, but this is Afghanistan) that
should not have access to any medical data at all. Still the
registration staff should be able to create a patient, or to retrieve
him/or from the patient list, enter / edit contact details and
addresses, as well as select insurance details from a pre-fabricated
drop-down list.

You should be able to deal with this OK, in the following way.

1) You have the party object, where you can put all the administrative information about the patient

2) You have the patient object, where all the medical information is separated, and the administrative staff don't need to get there. You can even create access groups where there is no access to the patient menus.

I've been creating some sample profiles in the trunk . Take a look at Mercurial trunk if you want to see the profiles.


I do not seem to be able to separate group access permissions to the
different tabs within the "Patients" menu item. I would be quite
satisfied, if patient reception staff could only have viewing, editing
and creating right in the "General Info" tab, and could not even view
the other tabs. Any ideas at all?

I tried to get around the above conundrum by giving patient receiption
access rights to the "Parties" menu item, but this has a few serous
(i) They always have to activate manually the "Patient" box; with tight
access control this may mean that reception staff locks themselves out,
as they are only allowed to view patients and insurance companies, and
no other parties.
(ii) At this step, there is no patient ID to be created, i.e. no proper
patient labels can be printed.

So, in summary: Is there any way to get the per-group tab permission set
for the Patient menu item?

Thanks a lot!


Dr. Christoph H. Larsen
synaLinQ (Vietnam)                      synaLinQ (Kenya)
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Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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