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[help-GIFT] problem with the applet

From: martin krung
Subject: [help-GIFT] problem with the applet
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 00:02:19 +0200
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thanks for you software and that is under gnu.

i installed the GIFT today under suse linux 7.
i was even able  to do the indexing of a few images.
i also could start the gift server.
because i dont have a java virtual engine on linux.
i tried to call the charmer applet trought my webbrowser (apache), but i
dident work.
i am workin with the version gift-0.1.5pre and the charmer-0.2b.

i stareted the write-applet-frame which creats the Charmer.html in the
charmer-0.2.b folder. in Charmer.html is written


it diden't work with my mac and also with the pc the applet failed with the

i couldnt load the class charmer.client.Charmer

so i looked at your online demo at this
file contains


so i tried several things like


i also changed the server variabel to my ip in my lan

<param name="server" value=""><param name="RPort"

i was quit creativ to change the pathes, no one worked.

i also gave alle the files in the charmer-0.2.b folder the golden chmod 777.

finaly i downloaded your whole folder,
because i thought i dont have the newest charmer version. i dident work.
(listing is alloud in your webserver)

can somone help me ??

martin krung


children should watch it with at least one adult person.
the strong aggression can damage the mental health of sensitive people.

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