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Re: [help-GIFT] problem with the applet

From: Wolfgang Mueller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] problem with the applet
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:27:00 +0100 (CET)

>>>>> "mk" == martin krung <address@hidden> writes:

mk> he wolfgang

>> I forgot to mention that JAVA is not intelligent enough (or does not
>> want to be?) to realize that a file:/... and a URL
>> are both coming from your server.

mk>  i thick this is the point. in the url2fts file all pathes are written as
mk> file:/home... but in the codebase in Charmer.html is
mk> codebase="";

mk> i have chaged it to file:/home/martin/daten/htdocs/Chamer-0.2b

mk> but wenn i access the applet from another computer with this path in the
mk> Charmer.html, the applet isnt found. thats clear. it *has* to be
mk> codebase="";, so i have to change the
mk> file:/ to, but how shuld i do that ?? any idea.

OK. This now is leaving the Charmer realm, and we are entering the
apache zone... 
As things look to me, you move your images to something like:


Assuming that Charmer-0.2b resides in


and you can access the directory in which Charmer-0.2b resides by


should be the beginning of your URLs (instead of
file:/home/martin/daten/htdocs/images). You will do a query-replace on
your data.

mk> i think that one problem of your gift-guide.txt is that there is onyl
mk> described how to use the gift on a local machine. if a would have a
mk> appletwiever.. but i the end i will use gift over the net, so i have to
mk> solve this problem. on your server you did so ..

Yes, and we get this solved, and afterwards I will paste things in the
gift-guide.sgml from which gift-guide.txt is generated.

BTW: If you take the standard way of putting files in ~/public_html
everything we are writing about works automatically: the gift
generates http:// urls for files that reside in ~/public_html. 

What we are working out here, is how to do things once you are doing
things in a non-default way. This is extremely useful and it surely
will find it's way into the doc :-)

mk> thanks a lot for helping

Thanks a lot for trying :-)

Two lines out of one of the viper's url2fts files


Wolfgang M&uuml;ller, 
assistant-doctorant ==  PhD student (2001), teaching assistant
Personal page: 
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