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Fwd: [help-GIFT] Problem with

From: varma . s
Subject: Fwd: [help-GIFT] Problem with
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 11:10:22 -0800

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From: varma. s <address@hidden>
Date: Dec 13, 2007 4:41 PM
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] Problem with
To: David Squire <address@hidden>
Cc: address@hidden

Hello David,
Gift version is gift-0.1.15b

Using SUSE LINUX 10.1

Check the attached files is my /usr/local/bin/

Thank you for your great help.


On Dec 14, 2007 12:52 AM, David Squire <address@hidden> wrote:
varma.s wrote:
>  Hello,
> I have a question concerning the script.

Which version of GIFT are you using? We need to know this so that we can
work out what is on line 796 of your

> It seems like everything works fine with extracting and converting the
> images but at the end of the process I get the following output / error
> message:


> Copying /root/gift-config.mrml  to /root/gift-config.mrml-old
> XML::DOM::Attr=ARRAY(0x89e8580)
> Can't locate object method "getAttribute" via package "XML::DOM::Attr"
> at /usr/local/bin/ line 796, <LOCALELIST> line 264.
> ----> collection-id c-46-1-10-11-11-107-2-344-0

Well, that's an error in using a Perl package. Looking at, it
seems that XML::DOM::Attr indeed does not have a method getAttribute.
Nor does it inherit one from XML::DOM::Node (according to ). It
*is* a method of XML::DOM::Element though (see ).

My guess would be that somehow an object of the wrong type is being
generated - an XML::DOM::Attr object rather than a XML::DOM::Element
object. We need to know your version information though so we can look
at the right version of



Dr David McG. Squire,  Senior Lecturer
Clayton School of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia
CRICOS Provider No. 00008C

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