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Re: Re: [help-GIFT] Problem with

From: coolnsmile
Subject: Re: Re: [help-GIFT] Problem with
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:18:18 -0500


 And when I tried to extract features in features to
images of 176X144 pixels  .PPM IMAGE got the values like 1 671.916 2466.25 in 
.tts_ADI files after indexing.
is it coorect features and how can how can i read these values I am not getting 
can any  help please.

Gift version is gift-0.1.15b

Using SUSE LINUX 10.1
in my /usr/local/bin/

this errors is giving
Opening sorted stream for reading. State (should be '1'): 0xbf8ea43c
Writing Chunk for Feature ID 0. The Offset is 0x0=0
The collection frequency is: inf
gift-generate-inverted-file: bool 
CInvertedFileChunk::writeBinary(std::ostream&, TID, size_t) const: Assertion 
`!"collection frequency out of range"' failed.


Copying /root/gift-config.mrml to /root/gift-config.mrml-old


Can't locate object method "getAttribute" via package "XML::DOM::Attr" at 
/usr/local/bin/gift- line 796, <LOCALELIST> line 264.

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