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[Help-glpk] producing PDF documentation

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: [Help-glpk] producing PDF documentation
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 16:56:25 +0300

> For those interested in PDF format documentation.
> There are three ways of producing PDF documentation
> from the GLPK tarball on my circa-2006 GNU/Linux
> system.  Using the GLPK API manual as an example,
> one can:
>   $ ps2pdf   doc/   # PostScript file
>   $ dvipdfm  doc/glpk.dvi  # DVI file
>   $ pdflatex doc/glpk.tex  # TeX file, run three times
> The 'pdflatex' utility needs to be run three times to
> resolve the various cross-references.  Also, up to and
> including GLPK 4.31, 'glpk.tex' was named 'glpk.latex'. ;-)
> The 'pdflatex' method gives the best quality output.
> The resultant PDF is also seachable using Adobe
> 'acroread' with the following qualification: the
> various TeX ligatures, such as "fi", are not understood
> by 'acroread' -- which means that "specified" will fail
> but that "speci" works fine.

There is a way to produce searchable documents in djvu format. Just
send your .ps or .pdf to , the Any2DjVu
Server, and then download your document as .djvu.

The djvu format has many advantages, in particular, it is very compact.
A scanned book with 1000 pages (300 dpi) takes about 5 Mb while in .pdf
format it takes about 50 Mb.

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