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[Help-glpk] Re: Building glpk with vs2008

From: Luiz M. M. Bettoni
Subject: [Help-glpk] Re: Building glpk with vs2008
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2008 17:05:27 -0300
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Hi All,

 I did not find the difference between /O2 and /Ox (please see some
 benchmarks below). However, the code is about twice faster than
 without any optimization flags.

Like VS2008 "/O2" and "/Ox", MinGW/GCC has the "-O2" and "-O3" flags.
And, like Andrew in VS2008, i didn't see performance difference between GCC -O2 and -O3, but a lot of warnings for using the -O3 flag can be found on the web. So, in MinGW/GCC builds may be a good idea mantain a good and safe "-O2" cflag.

When Xypron release an "/O2" version of winglpk i'll make some benchmarks again.

> Have you created MinGW build files with ODBC
> support? This would be helpful.
 I didn't use ODBC. But after your point i've build glpk with ODBC
 support from MinGW - and make a successful connect to an ms excel

Xypron, the excel connection was a valid ODBC connection test? Can we say that ODBC support in GLPK MinGW/GCC build is OK?

Luiz Bettoni

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