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Is anybody looking at PRs submitted to gnats-gnats at all?

From: Steffen Opel
Subject: Is anybody looking at PRs submitted to gnats-gnats at all?
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 0 19:12:10 +0200


is there anybody actually taking care of incoming PRs for GNATS itself?  
I don't have a problem getting an 'unassigned' response in first place, 
but given that there are almost no PRs even analyzed since January 2000 
with most of them only test/spam reports (hence easy to 'fix') I'm 
wondering wether they even get attention of the right people or wether 
we are better off to just send them here instead, since some recent 
statements on this list indicated that GNATS *is* actively maintained 
(Paul/Bob/Jason/...)?  As Gerald Pfeifer just pointed out, the lack of 
response on these PRs is a bit frustrating and not very productive.

Folks, I've just managed to get 4.0 to work pretty easily and it seems 
to be a tremendous enhancement, easier to install and configure, lots of 
new and long awaited features, great work!  Still, of course, there are 
and will be things to fix and I'd like to submit these patches somewhere; 
please consider to trust your system and to track GNATS PRs with GNATS 
again ;-)

Thanks much and Ciao,

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