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Re: Is anybody looking at PRs submitted to gnats-gnats at all?

From: David H. Thornley
Subject: Re: Is anybody looking at PRs submitted to gnats-gnats at all?
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 09:31:57 -0500

Steffen Opel wrote:
> On Oct 16 Mehul (Mehul N. Sanghvi) wrote:
> > Where does one get the 4.0 sources ?
> You'll have to check them out yourself anonymously from the GNATS CVS
> repository at redhat (cygnus), as documented at the GNATS website
> (
What I'd really like is to have somebody make some sort of version
of the dailies, so that everybody trying to use it would be on the
same page.  (Then again, I just updated again after weeks of leaving
it alone, and there were no changes, so everybody who's checked out
the source halfway recently is using the same base version.  BTW,
I don't find this lack of change encouraging.)
> > And how easy is it to upgrade from the latest release ?
> This I don't know, I have started my current project from scratch.
I don't know either.  I'd like to upgrade, and have gotten general
approval from management, but AFAIK there is no documentation on
the changes, no assurance that it works, and so I'm waiting.

> > Is the problem with gen-index generating duplicate entries if previous
> > entries have something missing, fixed in 4.0 ?
> I don't know either, but apparently the index functionality has ben rewritten
> to support binary indices, which are ways faster than the ones in the past;
> given the quality of Bobs great rewrite project I'd be confident that this
> works :-)
My guess would be that any competent rewriting would eliminate that
bug.  (Not that the bug is a symptom of incompetence, but that it's
something of a fluke, and unlikely to happen.  If the rewriter
knew of the bug beforehand, I'd assume it would be eliminated.)

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