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Re: Is anybody looking at PRs submitted to gnats-gnats at all?

From: Steffen Opel
Subject: Re: Is anybody looking at PRs submitted to gnats-gnats at all?
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 0 12:53:04 +0200

On Oct 16 Mehul (Mehul N. Sanghvi) wrote:

> Where does one get the 4.0 sources ?

You'll have to check them out yourself anonymously from the GNATS CVS 
repository at redhat (cygnus), as documented at the GNATS website 

Initialize your anonymous login account (enter anoncvs as password)

        $ cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvs/gnats login

Checkout the GNATS sources

        $ cvs -z9 -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvs/gnats co -P gnats

> And how easy is it to upgrade from the latest release ?

This I don't know, I have started my current project from scratch.

> Is the problem with gen-index generating duplicate entries if previous 
> entries have something missing, fixed in 4.0 ?

I don't know either, but apparently the index functionality has ben rewritten 
to support binary indices, which are ways faster than the ones in the past; 
given the quality of Bobs great rewrite project I'd be confident that this 
works :-)

> Also does Gnatsweb work with 4.0 ?  That would be important, as that is
> the interface we will be deploying throughout the company (except for
> my desktop which will have good old emacs support :) )

Basically yes, but there are a few problems (severity depending on your 
needs), like for example access level problems as documented in PR 108:

I'm eventually going to fix all of those I'll encounter over time, if at all 
possible (the 108 problem depends on GNATS 4 itself, hence a response from 
the GNATS maintainer is required to provide a decent solution); but since I'm 
doing this for a spare time project at the moment there are no guarantees and 
schedules at all, no business should rely on this!

Another problem here seems to be that the maintainer of Gnatsweb apparently 
has not only dropped the project but is unreachable too, making the 
probably needed move to a new maintainer a bit more difficult.  Consequently 
there will be the problem again with collecting/publishing patches to 
gnatsweb in a coordinated manner rather than just sending them to this list 
here and there.


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