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Re: how to install gnatsweb???

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: how to install gnatsweb???
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:05:49 +0100

At 17:40 19.03.2001 +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
I may be wrong, but is gnatsweb-2.7beta compatible with GNATS 3.x?

My recommendation would be to try using both GNATS and gnatsweb from
current CVS.

(I have to admit that I've never done the `make test' thingie, as all
gnatsweb installations I'm using are historical. We definitely need
further people to contribute to gnatsweb. If you make any progress,
please send patches to update the documentation!)

2.7 beta works perfectly well with GNATS 3.x

Wes Barris <address@hidden> wrote:
5) make test USERNAME=anon PASSWORD=pw DATABASE=db_alias

db_alias is the primary name or one of the alias names of your database, as specified in gnats-db.conf, and specifying that correctly should help.

Hope this helps,

Yngve Svendsen
IS Engineer
Clustra AS, Trondheim, Norway

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