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Re: how to install gnatsweb???

From: Wes Barris
Subject: Re: how to install gnatsweb???
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 08:50:49 -0600

On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 06:05:49PM +0100, Yngve Svendsen wrote:
> 2.7 beta works perfectly well with GNATS 3.x
> Wes Barris <address@hidden> wrote:
> >5) make test USERNAME=anon PASSWORD=pw DATABASE=db_alias
> db_alias is the primary name or one of the alias names of your database, as 
> specified in gnats-db.conf, and specifying that correctly should help.
> Hope this helps,

I figured it out!  You mentioned a "gnats-db.conf" file.  I didn't
have one.  When I created one and put it in the /etc directory, it
worked.  A lot of you gnatsweb users will probably say: "Well DUH!!!".

The thing is, I have never used gnatsweb (or gnats for that matter)
before.  /etc/gnats-db.conf is not installed via the "make" procedure.
Nothing is said about this file in the documentation.  A new user
like me has no way of knowing anything about this file.

After receiving the above email, I used the unix "find" command to
locate the gnats-db.conf file in the .tar.gz distribution.  The only
way I knew where to place this file was because of the first comment
in the file:

   # sample /etc/gnats-db.conf file
   # list of GNATS databases and aliases
   # Field 1 - fully qualified path to database
   # Field 2 - a comma separated list of aliases

The database line even needs to be fixed to work with the default
installation.  Information about this file really needs to be made
available somewhere if people are expected to be able to install
this stuff.

> Yngve Svendsen
> IS Engineer
> Clustra AS, Trondheim, Norway
> address@hidden

Wes Barris                                            address@hidden
Network Computing Services, Inc.                           612.626.8090
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