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Re: How useful to run GDB and CVS from *WITHIN* Emacs? How helps?

From: gebser
Subject: Re: How useful to run GDB and CVS from *WITHIN* Emacs? How helps?
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 04:10:16 -0500

Sounds extremely cool.  I should have learned this mode a long time ago, 
but never had a real need for it... would like to give it a go now 

So how would I:

- Get from some cvs site the latest version of tramp...?  the full
package rather than just the diffs?

- Later on, get the diffs and merge them into the version I have?

I would imagine that ange-ftp would work (as the background "vehicle") 
to retrieve the files, yes?  IOW, I wouldn't need tramp in order to 
retrieve a later version of tramp... or?


kgold at 21:30 (UTC-0000) on 13 Feb 2003 said:

= Some CVS things I like:
= C-x v v can check out and in within emacs, using an emacs buffer to
= edit the change log.
= C-x v = diffs the current and checked in version.
= C-x v g can look at the last checked in file and have the changes
= highlighted in color with date, user, and version.
= C-x v l gives me the change log.
= C-x v ~ checks out old versions.
= And all the buffers created by the above can be edited with the full
= power of emacs.  Why bother going out to a command line?
= (Christian Seberino) writes:
= > How much benefit would there be to using GDB and CVS from within
= > Emacs???

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