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Re: How useful to run GDB and CVS from *WITHIN* Emacs? How helps?

From: Ole Laursen
Subject: Re: How useful to run GDB and CVS from *WITHIN* Emacs? How helps?
Date: 18 Feb 2003 20:35:41 +0100
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Dan Debertin <> writes:

> Ole Laursen <> writes:
> > One important thing to note about the CVS features in Emacs is that if
> > it ever tells you that conflicts have been detected and asks whether
> > you want to correct them, better answer no. Else you end up in a weird
> > Ediff mode with three windows and an extra frame, and no clue of how
> > to proceed. :-)
> I don't use Emacs for CVS, but by your description I would say that's
> an emerge session (C-h i m emacs RET m emerge RET). Emerge is IMO the
> perfect tool for resolving conflicts between versions.
> Try it; you might like it :).

I think you're right. I've read the documentation know. I'll try being
more courageous next time I get a conflict, though I fear I will have
forgotten the commands at that time. :-)

Ole Laursen

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