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newbie tiny-tools question

From: John F. Koenig
Subject: newbie tiny-tools question
Date: 14 Feb 2003 14:07:29 -0800


I finally "decoded" the disconnect between the installation paragraph
in the README 
and what was actually required... Actually not that confusing once one
realizes that the path refers to the file ending in tinypath.el; not a
"directory root" of the tiny-tools package.

Maybe the problem that emacs novices have when they first encounter
the tiny-tools installation instructions is this... possibly because
they are not familiar with the emacs lisp load construct and they fact
that "tinypath" refers to a file (ending in '.el' which is not to be
expressed), not a directory. Mine looks something like this:


If the above is wrong or otherwise misguided please tell me. :)  For
example, is the tiny-tools directory, in a sense, the tiny-tools
package? And hence it should go into the package directory along-side
the other packages that will inevitably be downloaded via something
like perl-webget. I was considering looking into that tool for more
insight into what Jaari is intending...

My other significant question is where does a major-mode such as
python-mode.el go? Does it go here:


That seems reasonable... as it would be counter-productive to put it
inside the tiny-tools distribution... wihch, BTW, the contents of
which are being copied from the SourceForge (tinytools) CVS

So with that, what tweak do I need to make to the tiny-tools
configuration to cause the python-mode to be invoked when I load a
file with \*.py ?

I see the instructions at the python-mode page indicating  one needs
to set the mode path and make file associations... Is it recommended
to put the same sort of emacs lisp instructions when using tiny-tools?
I was kinda hoping for something sort of automatic... when I placed
the python-mode.el file somewhere and restarted emacs. (I am using
version 21.2.1 and 21.1.1 on Linux and OS X, respectively.)


Some hand-holding would be much appreciated... :)))

Thanks and happy friday...

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