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Re: gnuserve switches to the old Emacs window but does not open the file

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: gnuserve switches to the old Emacs window but does not open the file
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 23:42:18 +0200
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Bernhard Koenig wrote:
----- Original Message -----

    *From:* Lennart Borgman <>

    Bernhard Koenig wrote:
    > The problem shows up sometimes but not all the times, I couldn't
    > figure out when it does and when not. E.g. if I click two files
    > gnuclientw
    > in a very short interval, then it usually works. The longer the
    > interval, the more
    > likely the problem occurs.
    There are several gnuserve packages. Please use the latest from
    ( or Guy

    There is a name clash between the package server.el and gnuserv.el in
    the old packages.

I downloaded the whole package Emacs-22-CvsP060314-EmacsW32-1.00.exe from your link above. But the problem seems to be the same. The problem happens if I open a file with gnuclientw, then e.g. browse through directories for a while, then open another file with gnuclientw and
the old emacs windows pops up but does not load the second file.
The new thing with this version is that after closing the emacs window, I get the message: unable to read the reply from the server
It doesn't seem to be a firewall problem though since I also tried it with the firewall switched off.
Strange, I have never seen this. But did you remove everything about gnuserv from your startup files (.emacs etc)? If you use the EmacsW32 setup then this starts Emacs and gnuserv automatically for you when you click a file for example. If you have not removed everything about gnuserv, could you please try that?

(I guess you downloaded Emacs-22 CvsP060608-EmacsW32-1.03.exe?)

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