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Re: possible to exchange server and client?

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: possible to exchange server and client?
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 22:13:47 +0200

Am 13.07.2008 um 03:10 schrieb anhnmncb:

So it would be very useful if I can exchange the client to server, and
old server becomes client, then I can use server in X, then I want to
quit X without emacs, I open a emacsclient in console, make it be
server, then quit X.

I don't exactly understand what you intend to do. And wish to have. When you're using a version of GNU Emacs with the multi-tty patch included, i.e., GNU Emacs 23.0.60 from CVS, it works to have "frames" of this version open in a windowing system and in an alphanumeric terminal emulation. So, in other words, it should work to launch GNU Emacs 23.0.60 in your console, start the server, and then open frames in X11 with emacsclient, just use -d <display> as an extra argument.



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