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Need help installing NTemacs -- no evident README or INSTALL file

From: David Combs
Subject: Need help installing NTemacs -- no evident README or INSTALL file
Date: 6 May 2010 01:18:23 -0400

A friend wants to install ntemacs on xp, and we're
not sure just how to do it.

(I already have it, also on xp, but I sure don't want
to try doing it here, and screwing up the one I have
already got.)

Anyway, here's the ntemacs home-page:

-------------- this page is at:

Emacs CVS for W32
(A SourceForge Project)

Screenshot of ntemacs on Windows 7

CAUTION: Unofficial builds
Downloads  - [7z SFX]

    * CVS Emacs binary [] -  ntemacs23-bin-20090923.exe [md5sum: 
    * CVS Emacs source [] -  ntemacs23-src-20090923.exe [md5sum: 

Steel Bank Common Lisp

    * SBCL release binary [1.0.32] -  sbcl-1.0.32-x86-windows-binary.msi 
[md5sum: 3d2fba2ae0c513a0ef912a862caee21b]
    * SBCL release source [1.0.32] -  sbcl-1.0.32-source.tar.bz2         
[md5sum: 95e1f683e307fa4cbf053db37fbd1456]

Last updated: Oct 27, 2009

Now, he's downloaded both of those .exe-files -- says they ended up in
/downloads ok.  But there are no instructions of what to do from
then on.

(I am not at his site -- this is all by telephone conversation.)

I myself am not a windows person, and don't quite understand
these .exe files -- some kind of self-executing wrapper around
what I (on solaris) would think of as xyz.tar.bz2 that
I'd explode into a whole tree of files.

But, as I say, I don't want to try it on this PC (xp) because
doing that might screw up my perfectly-working ntemacs (v23).

(How did I install it?  I didn't -- knowing nothing about
windows (since '86 I've been using only Suns), someone
did it for me.

 AND, the version I got installed was a few months
 BEFORE the October '09 date of the current ntemacs,
 and I recall that back then there WERE some instructions,
 and maybe it wasn't a single .exe-file -- a bit
 more straightforward to do.)

So, any hints you can give me that I can send on to him
would be a real help.



PS: My idea is to turn him on to emacs -- have him first
do the RMS tutorial (C-h t) to master cursor movements,
idea of a buffer, "window", and region (nope, not there,
I gotta teach him that one), and then blow him away
with dired (and dired-x), M-x occur, M-x grep (well,
he's gotta get cygwin too, I guess), C-x 3, follow-mode,
fill-individual-paragraphs, dired-do-rename-regexp, wdired,
doctor (of course!), emacs-wiki, desktop-save & read,
rectangles, picture-mode, *info*, C-h, sort-paragraphs,
C-x 5, defun, "interactive", toggle-truncate-lines,
tabify and untabify, table-capture, kbd-macros, 
how you "live" in emacs and *shell* (and *shell1* and
*shell-for-helping-joe*, etc), start up emacs and just
keep it up for days and days,


any ideas you give me to impress someone on easy to execute
and explain -- nifty-features that, for someone who
sits in front of a terminal all day long, will save
him a HUGE amount of time (over using ONLY vi, say).

Idea is to show him enough to excite him about emacs,
to demonstrate how much time

... getting him interested enough to spend time learning more
of it, eg via *info*.

That's the idea, anyway.

PS2: Any way via windows to have one screen we can
both type into (like with the dec20 twenex-command "advise"),
so I can type in stuff to emacs, he can watch, then
try it himself, and I can say "no, no, use the X key,
let me show you"?

Again, the main problem is: how to INSTALL ntemacs
on his xp machine.

(Why ntemacs, why not cygwin's emacs.  Because ntemacs
works so much better screen-display-wise, that you
can't tell the difference from it and emacs on a Sun (sparc),
that's why.)

Thanks again.


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