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Re: Need help installing NTemacs -- no evident README or INSTALL file

From: Xah Lee
Subject: Re: Need help installing NTemacs -- no evident README or INSTALL file
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 02:19:11 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

not sure you specifically want NTEmacs or if other emacs distro on
Windows is fine.

if you don't particularly care about a specific distro, here's few i
know that works well for me:

• official GNU Emacs build for Windows.
just download, unzip, and use right there.
No installation step needed.

• EmacsW32+Eamcs
download the patched version.
Then, run the installer.

• ErgoEmacs
download and run the installer.
(disclaimer: me and David Capello made this one)

you shouldn't worry about downloading multiple version of emacs that
might interfere with each other. I have all the above three installed.

as to what tricks might impress a new emacs user, maybe these pages
are good ideas for you to pick from:




On May 5, 10:18 pm, (David Combs) wrote:
> A friend wants to install ntemacs on xp, and we're
> not sure just how to do it.
> (I already have it, also on xp, but I sure don't want
> to try doing it here, and screwing up the one I have
> already got.)
> Anyway, here's the ntemacs home-page:
> -------------- this page is at:
>  ntemacs
> Emacs CVS for W32
> (A SourceForge Project)
> Screenshot of ntemacs on Windows 7
> CAUTION: Unofficial builds
> Downloads  - [7z SFX]
>     * CVS Emacs binary [] -  ntemacs23-bin-20090923.exe [md5sum: 
> b1b5c33eea980127cf550e7f0f111e15]
>     * CVS Emacs source [] -  ntemacs23-src-20090923.exe [md5sum: 
> 0655b73ecad2f365bc24e2492e45266b]
> Steel Bank Common Lisp
>     * SBCL release binary [1.0.32] -  sbcl-1.0.32-x86-windows-binary.msi 
> [md5sum: 3d2fba2ae0c513a0ef912a862caee21b]
>     * SBCL release source [1.0.32] -  sbcl-1.0.32-source.tar.bz2         
> [md5sum: 95e1f683e307fa4cbf053db37fbd1456]
> Last updated: Oct 27, 2009
> Now, he's downloaded both of those .exe-files -- says they ended up in
> /downloads ok.  But there are no instructions of what to do from
> then on.
> (I am not at his site -- this is all by telephone conversation.)
> I myself am not a windows person, and don't quite understand
> these .exe files -- some kind of self-executing wrapper around
> what I (on solaris) would think of as xyz.tar.bz2 that
> I'd explode into a whole tree of files.
> But, as I say, I don't want to try it on this PC (xp) because
> doing that might screw up my perfectly-working ntemacs (v23).
> (How did I install it?  I didn't -- knowing nothing about
> windows (since '86 I've been using only Suns), someone
> did it for me.
>  AND, the version I got installed was a few months
>  BEFORE the October '09 date of the current ntemacs,
>  and I recall that back then there WERE some instructions,
>  and maybe it wasn't a single .exe-file -- a bit
>  more straightforward to do.)
> So, any hints you can give me that I can send on to him
> would be a real help.
> David
> PS: My idea is to turn him on to emacs -- have him first
> do the RMS tutorial (C-h t) to master cursor movements,
> idea of a buffer, "window", and region (nope, not there,
> I gotta teach him that one), and then blow him away
> with dired (and dired-x), M-x occur, M-x grep (well,
> he's gotta get cygwin too, I guess), C-x 3, follow-mode,
> fill-individual-paragraphs, dired-do-rename-regexp, wdired,
> doctor (of course!), emacs-wiki, desktop-save & read,
> rectangles, picture-mode, *info*, C-h, sort-paragraphs,
> C-x 5, defun, "interactive", toggle-truncate-lines,
> tabify and untabify, table-capture, kbd-macros,
> how you "live" in emacs and *shell* (and *shell1* and
> *shell-for-helping-joe*, etc), start up emacs and just
> keep it up for days and days,
> any ideas you give me to impress someone on easy to execute
> and explain -- nifty-features that, for someone who
> sits in front of a terminal all day long, will save
> him a HUGE amount of time (over using ONLY vi, say).
> Idea is to show him enough to excite him about emacs,
> to demonstrate how much time
> ... getting him interested enough to spend time learning more
> of it, eg via *info*.
> That's the idea, anyway.
> PS2: Any way via windows to have one screen we can
> both type into (like with the dec20 twenex-command "advise"),
> so I can type in stuff to emacs, he can watch, then
> try it himself, and I can say "no, no, use the X key,
> let me show you"?
> Again, the main problem is: how to INSTALL ntemacs
> on his xp machine.
> (Why ntemacs, why not cygwin's emacs.  Because ntemacs
> works so much better screen-display-wise, that you
> can't tell the difference from it and emacs on a Sun (sparc),
> that's why.)
> Thanks again.
> David

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