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Re: Emacs and JDEE : opinions sought.

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Re: Emacs and JDEE : opinions sought.
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 23:54:46 +0300
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On 2010-08-13 2:45, Richard Riley wrote:

Jim Crossley<>  writes:

Richard Riley<>  writes:

Could someone familiar wit Java advise me about the status of JDEE?

It's kinda dead, though I think Paul Landes is trying to revive it.

Pray for him. :)


Is it usable?


How well integrated is it with Semantic for example for Java class
method/member completion possibly using ac-source-semantic with

Kinda. Sorta.

I have it loaded but the strangest thing : I can not for the life of me
get auto-complete-mode on for jde mode even with a call to
(auto-complete-mode t) in the c-mode-common-hook which is called when
loading a .java file. I can turn it on by calling that function from the
minibuffer after the java file is opened however. And then completion on
classes etc was fine.

Basically, is it worth the effort of learning and using Emacs for

No, probably not.  Not now.  It doesn't support 1.5 things like generics
and static imports.

Could you elaborate a little what you mean by "support"? I can still
type these things. Do you mean in terms of completion and refactoring

Any hints or tips with regard to Java development in Emacs much
appreciated as I really want to stay from eclipse if at all possible.

Yeah, I hear you, brother.

I use Emacs for Java development, limping along mostly with JTags and
locate (mdfind on osx) and occasinally (but rarely) jdibug.  JTags does
most everything I ever counted on JDEE to do, so it may be enough for

I realise I could download it and try it but not being a seasoned Java
programmes I feel I'm not really equipped to rate it.

Unless you *really* love Emacs and *really* hate Eclipse, you should use
Eclipse for Java development.

I do really dislike Eclipse. I tried IntelliJ which is a lot snappier BUT
its 230 dollars for a single user license if I want to use the Android
toolkit which is a tad steep. Today I got emacs compiling via ant and
uploading to an android emulator and debugging with jdb via DDMS so I
would prefer to stick with emacs to be honest.

How about FREE of cost NetBeans?

Android development also allowed (but I not try):

Really Emacs luck Java support.

But I use Emacs for small Java project.
And actively use GNU Make/ETAGS.

Best regards!

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