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RE: dired and `ls' flags

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: dired and `ls' flags
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 17:14:58 -0700

> > OK, thanks... dired-details.el worked right out of the box.  
> > I tried Drews' dired-details+.el but it appeared as if after 
> > M-x load-library <ret> dired-details+ <ret>, that although the
> > trailing info indicated it had been loaded.... no commands were
> > available. 
> >
> > However I then tried dired-details.el (no +sign) and no have the
> > commands available to hide or show the listing details.
> Whoops... I jumped the gun about dired-details+ not working...  I
> works fine (Sorry Drew).  I just hadn't realized dired-details (no
> plus) needed to be loaded too.  That is, they appear to work 
> together.

Loading dired-details+.el loads dired-details.el automatically.

> The wiki didn't make that clear... at least not to me.

Hm. Which part of this sentence from the wiki wasn't clear to you? ;-)

 "This [dired-details+.el] loads dired-details.el
 and activates show/hide, so dired-details+.el is all
 you ever need to load."

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