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Re: dired and `ls' flags

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: dired and `ls' flags
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2010 16:18:32 -0500
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"Drew Adams" <> writes:

>> > OK, thanks... dired-details.el worked right out of the box.  
>> > I tried Drews' dired-details+.el but it appeared as if after 
>> > M-x load-library <ret> dired-details+ <ret>, that although the
>> > trailing info indicated it had been loaded.... no commands were
>> > available. 
>> >
>> > However I then tried dired-details.el (no +sign) and no have the
>> > commands available to hide or show the listing details.
>> Whoops... I jumped the gun about dired-details+ not working...  I
>> works fine (Sorry Drew).  I just hadn't realized dired-details (no
>> plus) needed to be loaded too.  That is, they appear to work 
>> together.
> Loading dired-details+.el loads dired-details.el automatically.
>> The wiki didn't make that clear... at least not to me.
> Hm. Which part of this sentence from the wiki wasn't clear to you? ;-)
>  "This [dired-details+.el] loads dired-details.el
>  and activates show/hide, so dired-details+.el is all
>  you ever need to load."

Gack... good point.

I'll confess to only scanning the page... I got far enough to see that
there was an enhanced version and went to it without further ado.

And please note that in saying the wiki didn't make it clear. There
was no disparagement intended.  That's why I did include the
proviso... `at least not to me'.

I did thank Erik and I should have thanked the wiki authors... then
too, but will do so now.

Thanks to wiki builders... very helpful.
And thanks to Drew in particular

I find both the details and details+ to be very useful when I have to
use emacs on windows.... somehow the default setup has never bothered
me on unix/linux... probably something to do with system fonts causing
the windows view to be too wide for the size windows I prefer.

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