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RE: dired and `ls' flags

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: dired and `ls' flags
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 17:36:54 -0700

> That same node also mentions that using a prefix arg with 
> command `dired' prompts you for the `'ls' switches to use:
>  "If you use a numeric prefix argument with the `dired' command,
>   you can specify the `ls' switches with the minibuffer before
>   you enter the directory specification."

However, thank you for drawing my attention to this passage.  It incorrectly
qualifies the prefix arg as needing to be "numeric".  Any prefix arg, not just a
numeric one, causes `dired' to prompt you for the `ls' switches.  I've filed an
Emacs bug (#6982).  (This doc bug is at least as old as Emacs 20.)

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