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How prevent Emacs from sending ^M to *Python*? [SUCCESS STORY]

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: How prevent Emacs from sending ^M to *Python*? [SUCCESS STORY]
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 01:39:14 +0300
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I use native GNU Emacs under Windows and Cygwin.

I hear that python-mode provide basic completion
functionality so try to use it.

When I try complete symbol by M-TAB in python-mode
Emacs freeze.

*Python* buffer show:

  >>>   File "<stdin>", line 1
      emacs.complete("os.","import re\nimport os\n")
  SyntaxError: invalid syntax

After week of Expect studying I get stdin/stdout logger and
I found that Python process itself get such data:

  import emacs
  emacs.complete("os.","import re\nimport os\n")^M
  emacs.complete("os.EX","import re\nimport os\n")^M

so I think that root of evil is ^M issue.

After all I deep into 'python-send-string' function from

It use 'comint-send-string' which use 'process-send-string',
which was written in C...

I try look for variable that related to 'process-' prefix
and found 'process-coding-system-alist' variable and

  (add-to-list 'process-coding-system-alist
     '("python" cp1251-unix . cp1251-unix))

completion start work! Love you, Emacs.

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